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Possible Miss Queens for Nationals!

The Miss title has become TAGM's most sought after title in the pageant's history. Former USA and America contestants have taken home this title. Several contestants have even come back year and after year to win.

TAGM has invited back their former queen to compete for the National crown. Besides the newly crowned state queens of 2017, it is not official yet which former TAGM Queens will be making a return. Even some of the former Teen queens have aged out and could potentially bring home the crown.

Who do you think will win?

Marilyn Manchell, 2015 Miss Michigan Amazing

Allison Goodwin, 2017 Miss Ohio Amazing

Megan Opolski, 2015 Miss Michigan Amazing

Tamika Vantifflin, 2017 Miss Michigan Amazing

Karen Tang, 2014 Miss Michigan Amazing

And these Teen Queens have aged out....hmmm? They could also beat their once big sisters and snab the title of Miss US Amazing!

Faith Steppes, 2015 Miss Teen Michigan Amazing

Audrey Dunlap, 2017 Miss Teen Michigan Amazing

Marcia Cripps, 2014 Miss Teen Michigan Amazing

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