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Thelma Clarke Organization for Youth Advancement (TCOYA) was founded in 2013 by Angela Benitez. Over the years, TCOYA has produced several youth and young adult based programs, varying from educational to performing arts. Our most successful programs are the Amazing Programs. The Amazing Girl & Miss Model Search (TAGM Model Search) and the Miss USA Amazing National Pageant, have serviced over 200 young women. Girls and women, ages 8-28 have most benefited from our developmental programs in areas such as public speaking, stage presence, confidence, industry readiness, and real life related experiences. Many of our clients have successfully achieved in their field of interest, academics, and several have succeeded in performing arts. 

Mission Statement

Our mission....

TAGM Model Search Program

The Amazing Girl & Miss Model Search (TAGM) is a model development program that produces seasonal fashion shows, classes, workshops and an online magazine. We fuse the modeling and fashion industries, creating a unique experience for young women with an interest in the industry. Our mission is to provide a safe and professional environment for young women interested in the modeling industry. Models that come through our program are given opportunities such as photoshoots, on-camera interviews, walking courses, and exposure that helps to build their portfolios and resumes. TAGM follows the current industry standard. We are the only non-profit model development program in the Mid-West with a structured model curriculum, partnered with working industry professionals. We are very happy to serve young women ages 16-28. 


Meet Your Directors



2023 MIss USAmazing National Queens

MIss USA Amazing Pageant

The Miss USAmazing National Pageant is a pageant program for girls and women ages 8-28. An Amazing Queen is a young lady that embodies elegance, glamour, and is accomplished. She is smart, confident, respects herself, values diversity, and strives to be a role model for others. The mission statement of the MIss USAmazing Pageant is to give girls a unique pageant experience, providing them with opportunities for development in community leadership, public speaking, and public relations. Miss USAmazing welcomes all girls and miss from across the United States. 


Thelma Clarke Organization for Youth Advancement

TCOYA provides youth and young adults the tools they need to succeed. Providing programs specializing in performing arts, education, pageantry, and modeling. 

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